Mt. Ashland Hill Climb 2013

Large wildfires in the Rogue Valley had covered Ashland in pretty thick smoke all week. Due to poor air quality the the race being held was iffy at best.  More than anything I hate planning on racing, getting up for it, and then not getting to exorcise my demons as I planned to.  Luckily for me, my demons, and the runners, Saturday morning broke clear, calm and cool. 13.3 miles of beautiful hills; freedom cannot be better described.


Sporting the Nike Zoom Kiger at the top.  Thanks to all who supported the event.  If you haven’t visited Ashland and ran the Mt. Ashland Hill Climb, you should. Swing by Rogue Valley Runners and get geared up for a memorable race!


One thought on “Mt. Ashland Hill Climb 2013

  1. In 1965 I won the St. Patrick’s Day Giant Slalom skiing DOWN this mountain. Forty-eight years later David won a race running UP Mt. Ashland! My race was the easier of the two. I had gravity working for me.

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