Multnomah Falls Trail Run

The Mountains are not simply a region, climate or place. The Mountains are a culture, refuge, and lifestyle.  Part of that lifestyle is dealing with reoccurring challenge and adapting to adversity, big or small.  The weekend called for heavy winds and rain, Perfect for a trail race.  Unfortunately, not perfect for the structural integrity of the trail.  Due to a sizable landslide at the midpoint of the course the race director explained minutes before the start that the race was now an out and back as opposed to the original loop course.  The turnaround point would be the washed out section and a volunteer would be there to check runners off and send them back down the slippery singletrack.  Multnomah falls is one of the gems of the city of Portland, and getting to race in that scenic area was quite inspiring and exciting (especially on the downhill where I could actually see and breathe).  I wore the Nike Zoom Kiger and was impressed with its traction, the stick rubber outsole kept me on my feet even going fast down steep, wet, rocky trail.    By the way, this race hosts a superhero costume contest as well.  Its pretty legit, and is a perfect warm up for Halloween!

Thanks to all who volunteered and made this race happen! Especially the guy making soup and Bryan Westby for coming up with the inspiration for the course and the effort to host this race.

Results will be posted at Portland Runner

Unfortunately I didn’t get a chance to take any pictures but here is a picture courtesy of the Multnomah Falls Lodge.



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