CONTEST: Yes there are prizes.

Every time I run a new trail, I ask myself why haven’t I run this trail before?  Often its because I didn’t know that trail was in existence.  So here is the deal, Submit a picture (that you took) of your favorite trail (can be with you or just the trail, or friends, or dog, whatever)and  brief description of the trail.  I will look them over, and decide which one I most want to run and post it to my blog on February 13th

Yeah its a pretty subjective contest, I’m just gonna pick one that I think is fun, unique, rugged and beautiful!  Hopefully I will get lots of pictures and lots of ideas for new places to train (cause I’v got a lot of running to do between now and June 27th).


Tweet: @davidlaney5

Contest will run from Feb 5-12th, Winning pic will be posted on the 13th on my twitter and right here on the blog. Thanks! Get out and snap some pics on the dirt!

Nike Cheyenne Flash Vapor 2

 This backpack will show up on your doorstep a few days after the contest ends.  Maybe there will even be some cool stuff inside!


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