Flagline 50k

Start of the Flagline 50K

Sundays Flagline 50k was a grind from the start, not sure why, but it was one of those tough days on the trail. Just glad to have reeled in a few guys over the 2nd half of the race and pull off a 3rd place finish. (AKA It was 50K, There was some dirt, I got 3rd place.)

Coming into Aid Station 1. Ghelfi handing out bottles.
Bringing it into the Finish

Huge thanks to all the volunteers out on the course, Race Director SuperDave, and all the folks out on the course!

Finally, Congrats to Tim Tollefson for winning the US Trail 50K and setting a new course record! The days of going out and cherry picking your local 50k are over people.  The growth of trail running and lack of incentives on the roads will lead to greater numbers of “track guys gone rogue” that can show up and throw down on a trail race like a veteran.

Ryan Ghelfi, Myself, David Roche and Nike Trail Elite manager and Trail Boss Pat Werhane.

Photo credit to USATF Mountain/Ultra/Trail Richard Bolt


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