Nike Trail Mug Giveaway

photo (11)

This time of year people start looking for a hot beverages on cold mornings. With all the folks asking me how to get a Nike trail mug I figured I’d do another contest.  So here is the deal, I have 2 of the classic mugs left.  Here is how to win one.

1. Carve a pumpkin.

2. Tweet, instagram, email, snail-mail me a picture of it.  I don’t care how you show me your carved pumpkin creation, just get it to me. If you use twitter or Instagram just @davidlaney12 in the comment so I will be able to find it.  If you leave the pumpkin you have carved on my front porch with a note you might be disqualified or you might automatically win…Haven’t decided which yet.

3. Carving tools are sharp…Don’t accidentally cut yourself.

4. I’ll decide which stands out as most humorous, creative, awesome and let those two winners know.  Winners will be informed on Halloween and mugs shipped the same day.


Morning at Sparks Lake



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