New Year New Gear=FREE STUFF!

Ok, So, here is the deal, pretty sweet deal you might say. For the next week (In the spirit of the Holidays, and to get 2016 off to a great start) I’m going to be giving away free stuff on Instagram. Some Nike Trail Shoes, Some of my favorite running gear and some other rad swag from companies I like.

Here is the pile of giveaway stuff.  Also…The shoes will be new and your size!

The details: Each day there will be one winner that will win the gift that corresponds to the day below.  Can you enter more than once? Sure, you can enter a picture every day.

How do you enter? Each day has a different photo contest, just take a picture, and put @davidlaney12  and use #WAFFLESANDMUSTACHES so I can find your submission. (Day 2 you just have to write a funny caption on the photo I post, you don’t have to post any picture)

If you win I’ll shoot you a direct message on instagram and get your address so I can mail you your winnings.  All the stuff will be mailed out at the end of the contest.

January 1: Prize- Nike Trail Mug, Hand made Nike Trail coasters and stickers

TO WIN: New Years Picture, I know you have them, don’t delete them, post them.  If you have a throwback new years picture thats even better, yes I realize January 1 is not Thursday, but really, who’s keeping track.

January 2: Prize- Simple Hydration Bottle

TO WIN: Caption contest.  I’m going to post a picture on Instagram, funniest/best caption wins.

(Even if you don’t win this one I can give you a 35% off promo code, just email me at  THEY ARE AWESOME BOTTLES

January 3: Prize- Ugo Bar Pack and Run Gum

TO WIN: Holiday dessert, picture and recipe, I need some baking inspiration people.  Best looking dessert wins. If you make a dessert that can be considered “BREAKFAST” bonus points.

January 4: Prize-Trails and Tarmac Mug and stickers.

TO WIN: Lets see your Goals for 2016,  Post a picture of a race or adventure from last year and write the goals for 2016 in the caption. One entrant will be drawn randomly.

January 5: Prize- Pair of Nike Zoom Wildhorse 3’s

TO WIN:  Picture of a recent rad adventure on the trails or in the mountains!  Add a great quote and get extra credit.  I’m sure there will be many great submissions so it might come down to a draw.

January 6: Prize-Ninkasi Swag.  Really cool stuff from the Eugene Oregon Brewery

TO WIN:GPS/STRAVA art, get out there and draw or write something creative.  Take a screenshot of the route on Strava or whatever you use and upload the picture. Most creative one wins.

So its easy to enter, just take a picture, upload it to Instagram and make sure I see it by using #WAFFLESANDMUSTACHES and commenting at me so I can find your contest submission. I WILL “LIKE” ALL THE PICTURE SUBMISSIONS SO IF I HAVEN’T LIKED YOUR PICTURE I HAVEN’T SEEN IT!

At the end of the contest I will announce all winners on Instagram, and send out the gear!